Wednesday 27 October 2010

Finalist in the Ecouterre Recycled Denim Challenge

Pouch has been selected as a finalist in the Ecouterre Recycled Denim Challenge! It would be great if my blog readers could take a moment to vote for my entry here

I submitted a "Reversible Recycled Denim Handbag". It is 100 percent recycled; even the straps are made from an upcycled denim waistband. The bag also has no visible seams, so it is completely reversible, making this two totes in one!

The challenge is designed to showcase innovative recycling ideas using denim fabric. I am so excited to be selected for the final vote! There are some great ideas featured, so take a look at all the finalists here


Alessandra@ Tribal Times said...

Wow! Good luck!

Annie B said...

Wow there is some amazing stuff in that competition. I love your bag though and voted for you - good luck.

Allabitrandom said...

Well done! Voted for you. What a great competition.

Me, You and Magoo said...

thanks for the votes everyone!


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