Thursday 31 January 2008

Pouch featured in two Etsy Treasuries

Pouch is featured in two treasuries on Etsy :)

Too orangey for crows treasury:

featured in orange treasury by kitschnkarma. thanks :)

The item featured in treasury is:
Sleepy owl with orange face

Strawberries and Cream treasury:

strawberries and cream treasury

The item featured in treasury is:
Pouch strawberry bag

Monday 28 January 2008

Vintage Haberdashery Finds

We've had a bit of a bad start to 2008 when my Mum fell down the stairs, knocked herself out and broke her collar bone. I've been staying with her on and off over the past fortnight . She lives on her own and can't use one arm, plus she had concussion and couldn't be left alone. She's getting a bit better, but wont be able to drive or use her arm for at least 6 weeks.
When I pop out to get my Mum milk or a paper, I can't resist going into her local charity shops at the top of her road. One of them has a huge haberdashery counter with loads of little drawers and each one is full of threads, buttons, belts, buckles and everything else you can think of! I am absolutely hooked and it takes me about an hour to get some milk...
Here are some of the vintage haberdashery finds I've got my hands on :)


Saturday 26 January 2008

New addition to my fabric collection!

messing about with flickr tools

This is the latest addition to my vintage fabric collection. I just couldn't resist buying it as the colours are so vivid. The photos I have taken do not do it justice and the amazing royal blue colour does not show up well in these photos. Even so, you can still see that it is pretty funky!
They just don't make fabric like they used to :)

Tuesday 22 January 2008

Do you Squidoo?

I've just written my first lens on Squidoo. Still getting used to the site, but seems really interesting and pretty addictive.
Check out my lens and show it some love :)
Pouch lens on Squidoo

Friday 18 January 2008

Check out this Bristol-based independent publisher for eco books and 'naked' guides to Bristol and Bath.
I have my eye on this title!
Naked Guide to Bristol
For more info, see their website, there's free postage on all orders to the UK
Tangent Books

Monday 14 January 2008

Pouch January SALE!

10-15% off selected items! Please visit our Etsy Shop for details!
Come and check out our handmade bags at our Etsy store
We make unique bags from genuine vintage and recycled material
We take pride in everything we make and you can be assured our bags have not been mass produced

Sunday 13 January 2008

Sleepy Owl voted into the top 5 'Best Handmade Gifts' on Makefive


Makefive is a new social network website where anyone can make a top five list and then discuss it with the MakeFive community:
"This is what MakeFive is about: an easy to use venue that gets us all talking with one another and making new connections. Users create simple “top 5” lists for anything that they are interested in, and then share their selections with others. This proves a nice entry point to discussions and connecting with like-minds.

We believe our users to be from many walks of life. Here, you can find like-minds from around the corner, or around the world. Perhaps you'll share some thoughts on a good band, or maybe you'll debate politics. What MakeFive users get out of all of this is a little meaningful fun. We've like to see MakeFive as the "thinking person's social network."

Thursday 10 January 2008

Fundraising event organised by F L O C K - Fashion Recycled&Rethought


The Attic Bar on Cheltnham road, doors open at 8.30 With live music starting at 9pm from:

The Master Chaynjis (Bristol)
An acoustic trio that spin spellbinding folk melodies producing a strong and beautiful sound

Nicki Charles (Cardiff)
A beautiful acoustic band full of gorgeous and gripping volcal harmonies and subtle yet strong guitar melodies.

Micheal Lee Gorton (Bristol)
50's influencd acoustic pop trio with tunes that will make you want to wiggle and spin

Suzy Condrad (Bristol)
powerful singer songwriter, with stunning melodies


Monday 7 January 2008

more new year's resolutions


This year I have resolved to only buy clothes that are recycled, fairtrade, or organic. I will avoid all high street shops (unless they have an eco-range!). I want to spend more money on better quality clothes, instead of buying lots of mass-produced inexpensive clothes.

As Howies state on their website:

"A higher quality product will invariably last longer. It will keep on performing as it was designed to for longer before it finally needs replacing. And so over its lifespan it will have consumed less valuable resources than an inferior product that will have been replaced many times. That's why we make the best quality products that we know how. Because ultimately the best thing we can do for the environment is to make our stuff last a real long time"

My wardrobe is full to bursting and quite honestly, I could probably do with resolving to not buy ANY clothes this year. But with companies like Howies and People Tree out there, I don't think I will be able to resist for a whole year. In fact I kicked off the new year with 3 new tops from Howies, a navy blue 'my space' t-shirt, a Mo long sleeve top and Mo vest top. I love the ethos behind Howies and I like the thought of organic cotton next to my skin, after all we wear our clothes for many hours of the day. The jeans pictured are also from Howies, I bought them back in May 2007.

David Hieatt, co-founder of Howies writes that:
"Man is hardwired to consume. But in these times of limited resources, we will have to learn how to be better consumers and we will have to learn how to be better manufacturers. Going forward, we will share the responsibility for our consumption."
from: newconsumer magazine
newconsumer magazine

So, 2008 will be the year I kick the fast-fashion habit and commit to buying ethical clothes.

I already have my eye on my next Howies purchase.
I would love to buy this, but need to build up the nerve to wear it...
Do Gooder t-shirt
find out more at:
Mo long sleeve top
My Space t-shirt

Thursday 3 January 2008

Get off to a green start this year by recycling your Christmas cards!

Last year the UK recycled 82 million Christmas cards, this year's target is 90 million.

Recycle Now and the Woodland Trust have joined forces with several retailers who'll provide special bins for cards and local recycling points.

Some of the retailers offering Christmas card recycling are:
WHSmith, TESCO supermarket (including selected Express stores), TK Maxx stores and Marks & Spencer

find out more here:
Recycle Now
Woodland Trust

Don't forget Christmas trees can be recycled too, contact your local council for chipping and composting services.


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