Sunday 3 October 2010

work in progress: new bag design


My baby girl has had gastroenteritis for the past couple of days, it's not been easy for all of us. We've had broken nights and a growing pile of messed-up sheets and pyjamas to contend with. This is the first 'proper' illness she's had, so I count myself lucky. Plus it will help with her immunity, little babies are bound to pick up the odd bug along the way.


So the past couple of days have been craft-free, but I did start working on a new bag at the start of last week. It's a variation on an old design, I'm hoping it will be something of an improvement design-wise. I also don't need much of an excuse to work with some of my favourite vintage fabric - a piece of Moygashel Pinto in lovely shades of blue, green and purple. I will blog more photos of the end product as soon as I get a chance!


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