Friday 20 February 2015

Mother's Day discount offer on vintage fabric handmade gifts

Mother's Day is just around the corner.
Here in the United Kingdom, it's Mother's Day on the 15th March.
Rather than picking up something on the high street or in the supermarket, why not give your Mum a unique, handmade gift?
I'm currently offering a 25% discount on all my vintage fabric lavender rabbits and owls.
Filled with soothing lavender, they make the perfect gift to help any hard-working Mum relax.

Vintage fabric rabbits have 25% off the original price - so they are reduced from £12.50 to £9.50
handmade vintage fabric owl shaped lavender sachet
Vintage fabric owls also have 25% off the original price - so they are reduced from £9.00 to £6.75
handmade vintage rabbit owl shaped lavender sachet
handmade vintage purple fabric owl shaped lavender sachet

Sunday 15 February 2015

A Year on the Allotment: February

This month on the allotment it's all about the digging. And the weeding.

The plot has been a bit neglected recently with illness in the family and my Mum breaking her arm.

It doesn't take long for weeds and grass to make inroads into the allotment.

There's only one way to prepare a plot and that's to dig it.

Luckily Mr. M is on a health drive and sees digging as part of his keep fit regime...which is lucky as there's tons of it to do.

We all pitched in, Magoo weeded the raised bed & I dug the flower section.

We went prepared with sandwiches, chocolate and crisps and ate a picnic in the sunshine.

There aren't many things that can top a hot cuppa from a flask. Simple pleasures.

We listened to the birds singing and waved at the people sitting on the trains passing by.

We peered at "massive" worms.

Magoo's use of the word "massive" has to be taken with a pinch of salt.

We also went to have a nose at the chickens on a neighbour's plot.

He kindly gave us three fresh eggs, which Magoo carried back to our home as if they were the crown jewels.

When we downed tools, we were dirty and tired, but we'd made some progress with preparing the plot.

I think three sets of muddy gloves and muddy boots are a sign of a day well spent...

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Wednesday 11 February 2015

Vintage Love: Jobrey turquoise maxi skirt

Lou Lou's Vintage Fair rocked up at the Passenger Shed in Bristol over the weekend. Their fairs are always a red-letter day in my house. They are well-organised, chock-full of amazing stalls and there's plenty of tea and cake...what's not to love? Plus you get to people-watch and gaze in envy at other people's beautiful vintage outfits.

I went along with two friends. One was due to go to a wedding in the Summer and vintage fairs are the perfect place to pick up a unique piece of clothing. My friend eventually settled on a stunning silk 1950s gown. It fitted her like a glove. You know when you've picked up a vintage gem when everyone around you is paying compliments whilst giving you the 'darn it, wish I'd seen that first' look.

My other friend made a bee-line for the Frilly Chantilly stall. They make gorgeous reproduction dresses and their stand is always very popular at Lou Lou's.

I picked up this beautiful maxi skirt almost as soon as I walked through the door. It just leapt out at me. I love the colours, a mixture of turquoise, bottle green, cobalt blue and deeper shades of purple. Incredibly hard to capture just how amazing the colours are on this skirt. It was clearly made for someone who was about 8ft tall, so I'm going to shorten it for me. There's so much fabric that I will probably make a tunic top out of the rest. I wont waste any of it...

I really love the label "Jobrey: Fashioned for Loveliness". Well, that's certainly true. I can't find much out about Jobrey, so I will do a bit more digging on the internet.

If you ever get a chance to go to fair organised by Lour Lou's, then please go along. They hold them all over the country and you can see why they keep winning awards. Take a peek at their diary to see if there's one rolling into a town near you...

Monday 9 February 2015

Tobacco Factory Sunday Market

Every Sunday the Tobacco Factory hold a market. They often have over 40 food & craft stalls. It is a thriving market promoting local produce.

On the day we went, it was absolutely freezing. But despite the cold, the market was full of people. It was lovely to see a market being fully supported by the local community.

There was a diverse selection of food stalls and craft sellers at the market. It was nice to see a mix of food & craft. Many of the craft fairs I have been to in the past have not been well attended. I think food stalls attract people into the market and then people are more inclined to browse the handmade stalls whilst they are there.

My Mum bought a handmade coat hook from Clark and Robinson. It is well made and has great detail on the coat hooks. An individual piece that you wont find anywhere else.

I bought a lovely selection of fresh veg. It was really nice to see huge muddy parsnips, rather than the sanitised supermarket versions. Incidentally, Huge Muddy Parsnips is quite a good name for a band...

I bought the other half a huge, handmade chocolate heart from Zara's Chocolates. My niece also bought two bars of chocolate from her. we demolished a whole bar of salted praline between us. It was cold, we needed the calories. I can confirm that it was some of the nicest chocolate I have ever eaten.

I also bought some spicy chutneys. The carrot chutney is incredibly fiery...we all need a bit of heat in the Winter though don't we?

We will definitely be going back and I'm considering having a stall there myself selling my vintage wares, watch this space...

Wednesday 4 February 2015


The theme for this term at Magoo's school is 'Fairytales'.

Last week they made & ate porridge just like the three bears.

This week they made & decorated gingerbread men. Or should that be Gingerbread people?

I can confirm that shortly after these pictures were taken Mr Gingerbread lost his head...then his legs...his arms...and finally his buttons.

Monday 2 February 2015

My new blog name: Me, You and Magoo

I’ve recently waved my daughter off to school & it has brought about a huge adjustment for me. As a stay at home Mum for the past five years, I am currently in a period of transition. Looking for work or a role that will fulfil me as much as being a Mum has fulfilled me. I’ve blogged under the name ‘Pouch’ for the past eight years, recently I wanted to revamp & rename my blog so that it reflected my life better.

Me, You & Magoo is about our life as a family of three.

Although we always thought we would have more than one child, this hasn’t worked out for us. Worrying about my daughter being an only child is something I’ve struggled with for a long time. But life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan. I’ve made a conscious effort to focus on what I do have and not on what I don’t have.

We are so fortunate to have been given the chance to raise our daughter, aka Magoo. She came into our life in 2009. It was love at first sight and she’s been rocking our world ever since.

In some small part, I want to try and stick up for all the only children out there. They are often labelled as 'lonely', 'selfish' and 'weird'. Similarly, parents of only children are often seen as 'selfish', 'lazy' and even 'cruel'. I don't agree with any of this. Our daughter is loved beyond measure & is a happy, outgoing child with a kind & thoughtful soul.

Magoo came home from school last week with the picture featured at the top of this post. She told me "it's me, you & Daddy in front of our house". I love the hearts surrounding our home in the drawing & I think it pretty much encapsulates our family life. Magoo might not have any siblings, but she does have our love & attention & she has grown into a bright and sociable little girl. She brings out the big kid in us and we love to do wild & crazy things together. We build dens, dress up, bake, create and get ourselves out into the great outdoors as much as we can…

I'm still going to blog about all the things I did weakness for all things vintage, my latest crafting project and championing the handmade movement here in the UK and worldwide.

Me, You & Magoo is a place to talk about life, family, creativity and everything else inbetween. Welcome aboard!

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