Sunday 10 October 2010

Creating a workspace


I have spent the past couple of days doing a bit of reorganisation in our house. I have always wanted a space where I could leave my sewing machine out permanently. I'm a bit fed up of perching the machine on the side of the kitchen table. So I decided to empty a bureau in my office and move it to the downstairs hallway. I sorted through five years worth of paperwork, old photos, a teapot (yes teapot) and even a teddy bear. And boy was it cathartic! Our recycling bag is breaking at the seams now and I have a huge pile of shredding to do at some point.


I then installed a lovely table thrifted for £5 at a local 'save the church roof' type of affair. I remember the struggle we had to get it in the back of the car. But, I was *not* leaving without it!


Now, I know in the grand scheme of workspaces, mine is right down there at the bottom of the scale, but hey, just having a sewing table is luxury for me! Hopefully some shelves to display my vintage finds will soon follow, few more pictures on the wall and I will have my own little crafting haven...



willywagtail said...

A space is a space is a space. And it ia all yours. That's the best part. If you keep the immediat area around the needle tidy then you will always be able to whip something up. Cherrie

Annie B said...

I don't think there is anyone out there who didn't have to sew at the kitchen table. Your little rescued table is lovely and you are now well on your way to having your own space. Enjoy it - even if you just sit at your little table and dream................


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