About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog

Me, You & Magoo is about our life as a family of three.

We are so fortunate to have been given the chance to raise our daughter, aka Magoo. She came into our life in 2009. It was love at first sight and she’s been rocking our world ever since.

Magoo came home from school with the picture featured at the top of this post. She told me "it's me, you & Daddy in front of our house". I love the hearts surrounding our home in the drawing & I think it pretty much encapsulates our family life. Magoo might not have any siblings, but she does have our love & attention & she has grown into a bright and sociable little girl. She brings out the big kid in us and we love to do wild & crazy things together. We build dens, dress up, bake, create and get ourselves out into the great outdoors as much as we can…

Me, You & Magoo is a place to talk about life, family, creativity and everything else inbetween. Welcome aboard!

When I’m not being a Mum I love to create and collect vintage items, in particular I have a weakness for vintage fabric. Safe to say I’m something of a vintage fabric addict. You can find me on Instagram, Twitter and I'm over on Pinterest too.

Back in 2006, when my vintage fabric collection threatened to overwhelm our home, I started to sew. I then thought there was a chance I could sell the things I created. I’ve been running my little online emporium ever since. I love being back in touch with the creative side of my personality, I neglected it for too long. Over the years I’ve sent my work out to customers from across the globe. It gives me a buzz to think someone loves my handmade creations enough to make space for them in their homes.

When I’m not sewing my own pieces, I’m admiring other people’s creations. Through social media and other channels I have met some amazing, creative talents over the past 8 years. I am also a features writer for UK Handmade Magazine and love to champion the handmade movement here in the UK and worldwide.

At the start of 2017 I launched a monthly "crafting is my therapy" hashtag over on Instagram. It continues to grow month on month and I have discovered some amazing new accounts via our hashtag, our creative community continues to inspire me everyday.

If you would like to join in, please add our hashtag to your images on Instagram...all crafts welcome. Please use the tag #craftingismytherapy_CURRENTMONTH, so for example, #craftingismytherapy_january or #craftingismytherapy_february and so on...

This is Magoo's Dad & my husband...aka Mr. M. He's looking particularly dapper in this photo, taken on our wedding day. You wont find him looking scrubbed up like this very often, because Mr. M's favourite habitat is his shed at the bottom of garden. Over time he has added a sofa, electricity, lighting and a radio. The walls are covered with Magoo's artwork, it's a very special place. In the warmer months I hardly see Mr. M and Magoo...they love that shed, it's their den.

When he's not dreaming about his shed, Mr. M likes to play guitar, go for long walks, spend weekends camping (whilst muttering "I'm getting to old for this").

He can often be found bouncing on the trampoline with Magoo, playing snakes and ladders tournaments (in the shed) and generally loving life as a proud Dad.

How can I describe Magoo...she is completely unique, as all children are. We love her energy, her curiosity, her warmth, her creativity. There are so many things. She lights up our life and teaches us something new every single day.


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