Monday 28 January 2008

Vintage Haberdashery Finds

We've had a bit of a bad start to 2008 when my Mum fell down the stairs, knocked herself out and broke her collar bone. I've been staying with her on and off over the past fortnight . She lives on her own and can't use one arm, plus she had concussion and couldn't be left alone. She's getting a bit better, but wont be able to drive or use her arm for at least 6 weeks.
When I pop out to get my Mum milk or a paper, I can't resist going into her local charity shops at the top of her road. One of them has a huge haberdashery counter with loads of little drawers and each one is full of threads, buttons, belts, buckles and everything else you can think of! I am absolutely hooked and it takes me about an hour to get some milk...
Here are some of the vintage haberdashery finds I've got my hands on :)



Bigbluebed said...

Sorry about your Mum. But lucky you finding such lovely things in a charity shop.

HomeMadeOriginals said...

Wishing your Mom a speedy recovery...and you many happy moments shopping for finds like these.


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