Thursday 20 August 2009


I was recently reading the National Trust Magazine and saw an article about allotments. In particular it mentioned how the NT are allocating 1000 plots for the general public on their land. I think this is a great idea, imagine having an allotment on a beautiful NT estate?!

I saw a link at the end of the article for a website called


I think is a fantastic and helpful website

It connects growers with landowners and visa versa

If you live in the United Kingdom and would love to grow your own vegetables, but don’t have the space, then is the site for you.

Browse listings in your local area to connect with people who may need to share an allotment, have too much garden and not enough time to maintain it, or organisations which require help with community gardens.

Similarly, if you have some spare land that you would like to put to good use, then you can submit it to the Landshare site.


you can read more about how it works here

Growing your own produce if a great way to keep fit and cut down on food miles!

So if you've ever wanted to give it a go but lack the 'growing room', check out the Landshare website

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LPFish said...

Obviously i am not a person with "spare land" although i do have a spare tyre i'd love to be rid of... ahem... i'm going online to check out rich folk who want me in their garden....


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