Monday 27 July 2009

Self Sufficient (ish) part two!


I decided this year that my gardening goal would be to grow some vegetables that I had never grown before.

I blogged about my rhubarb success in June.

By far my favourite vegetable I've grown this year is new potatoes. The taste of spuds grown in my own back garden far surpasses anything you can get in the shops. They are absolutely delicious!

Like I mentioned in my rhubarb blog post, I don't have a large veg patch, just containers on the patio. I used these potato planters from Natural Collection, some smaller black grow-bags from ebay and a large plastic pot.


Each container provided a very good yield, the only thing I would say about the large Natural Collection bag is that you have to use alot of water to soak the soil right the way down to the bottom. If there's one thing potatoes like, it's lots of water!

I will definitely grow potatoes again. Not only is it satisfying to know that my evening meal's food miles have been cut dramatically (literally a few metres from pot to plate), but the taste of freshly dug spuds is fantastic.

If you fancy trying to grow your own veg and herbs, check out the excellent self-sufficientish website for loads of helpful information


Janne said...

Pouch potato! I wish I had gardening goals...

LPFish said...

my daughter has just harvested her first crop - the taste!! I am doing two lots next year so i get 2crops at intervals... we didn't water ours enough this year, we live and learn!

Me, You and Magoo said...

janne - pouch potato, love it :)

crafty fish - I did 3 containers this year so could harvest at intervals. But they've all been eaten now and I want more :) Not sure what type of spud you grow now, I need to look into it!


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