Thursday 9 April 2009

New Listing: Sleepy owl in mellow yellow


Here is the latest owl to go into Pouch's etsy store
He's made in my all time favourite fabric, I think I will cry when I run out of it!
Each owl is made from recycled, vintage fabric and filled with chemical-free, French Lavender and non-allergenic stuffing
You can either place them on your pillow to help you float off to sleep.
Or put in your wardrobe (they don't mind the dark!) to make your clothes smell nice.


More details, here: Sleepy owl in mellow yellow


Nicola said...

I think my mum had a sunbed cover like that when I was little - sweeet :)

Nat said...

That owl is lovely - great work. The vintage fabric you used is gorgeous.

Emma Herian said...

I find it so hard to use some of my fabrics - I try to keep a small swatch for memory sake... My stomach churns when I see it depleting!
Lovely owl, he makes me feel sleepy and relaxed just looking at him!


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