Thursday 13 April 2017

How to create Easter Bunny Bunting using toilet roll tubes

Aren't toilet roll tubes one of the most useful resources for crafting with children?
There's a 101 uses for these cardboard cylinders and I always like to hold a few back from the recycling box.

How to create Easter Bunny Bunting using toilet roll tubes

This week we made some Easter Bunny Bunting using loo roll tubes to create the printed outline.
This super-simple craft is perfect for trying out over the Easter weekend.

All you need is:
- Toilet roll tubes
- Plain paper or card
- Paint
- Googly eyes (or you can draw your own eyes)
- Felt tip pens
- Hole punch
- String

Simply use one end of the toilet roll tube to print the round face of the rabbit.
Then flip the tube round, press and squeeze in two places to make the ear shape.
See the image below to get a better idea of the shapes you need to create...

creating bunny prints using a cardboard toilet roll

Dip your toilet roll tube in paint colour of your choice and then print away.
You can make as many as you like, depending on how long you want your bunting to be.
Then leave your printed bunnies to dry.
Once dry you can start adding some detail.

easter bunny crafting project for children

creating easter bunny prints to make bunting

We added googly eyes and some other details with felt tip pens.
Don't try to be too uniform...each one of our bunnies is different and I think it adds to the overall effect.

using toilet roll tubes to create spring bunny prints

Next we made some holes in the ears using a hole punch.
Finally we threaded the Spring bunnies onto some string...
And there you have it, your completed Bunny Bunting!

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I'm also linking up with Trash2Treasure hosted by the lovely Fiona over on the Coombe Mill blog


Coombe Mill - Fiona said...

I love this, we are making Easter fabric bunting tomorrow for the fairy gardens. I was wondering what to use as a template for the children, this will work perfectly! Thank you so much for the idea.

A lovely #Trash2Treasure

Jennifer Jain said...

I love these! I always keep a stash of toilet roll tubes around the house as well, always useful to have on hand!

fun as a gran said...

These would also be great if you wrote the child's name across them one by one.
I love googly eyes.


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