Thursday 3 December 2015

Children's Craft Project: Autumn Leaves Jar Lantern

Magoo made this pretty lantern whilst on a school trip to Wildspace near Bristol. The children were asked to collect fallen Autumn leaves from the woodland. We then went back to the education room to use the leaves. I volunteered to help on the school trip and saw the lanterns being made. I wanted to share them with you...

The children were asked to take a piece of double sided tape and stick it around an empty glass jar in a spiral motion. Once the backing tape was removed, it left a sticky surface for the children to attach the leaves to the jar. Once they had squeezed on as many leaves as they felt happy with, the adults added the wired twine. I think it may be called Bindwire and used by florists. I found some here from The adults twisted the twine to create a handle for the lantern.

The children loved making the lanterns and took them home at the end of the day. I think they look very appealing once they have a candle glowing inside.

What you will need:

Clean, empty glass jar

Wired kraft paper twine or Bindwire

Double sided tape

Tea light candles

Magoo and I added some Hydrangea petals to our jar once we were home. In the Autumn the Hydrangeas in our garden turn a beautiful maroon shade. we couldn't resist adding them in amongst the leaves.

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Sarah - Craft Invaders said...

Really pretty lanterns - they look beautiful lit up :)

Coombe Mill - Fiona said...

A lovely idea and one I'm pinning to use here with the children next autumn. I wonder if coating the jars with a layer of PVA glue would work too? I', going to give it a go! Thank you for sharing with me on #Trash2Treasure

Mammasaurus said...

Oh this is a lovely idea - obvs I am LOVING the use of hydrangea petals! I'll try this with Kit and Ozzy at the weekend - thank you for sharing and the inspiration!

A Green and Rosie Life said...

This is so simple and the results lovely. Popping by VERY late from #HDYGG

Unknown said...

Beautiful. I love lanterns and making a leaf lantern is so pretty.
Thanks for sharing #LetKidsbeKids

Anonymous said...

So pretty. It gives a lovely effect and seems like it would be relatively easy to do too. #letkidsbekids

Su said...

This is such a lovely project. It feels very warm. I love the colours on the lantern. I have pinned this. Hope that's okay with you. x

Me, You and Magoo said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments!
Yes, you're more than welcome to pin this project Ethan.n.Evelyn :)

Catherine said...

These are just beautiful, what a clever idea. I love how using different colours of leaves changes the light effect all around the lantern. We'll be having a go at these over half term! Thanks for linking up with #NaturallyCrafty :)

Jennifer said...

These are lovely, and so simple to make as well!

ky said...

Lovely idea thankyou so much for sharing at #naturallycrafty

Bex said...

Just lovely thankyou for linking to #naturallycrafty


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