Thursday 18 April 2013

Dragon Themed Birthday Party

Its taken me a little while to get round to blogging about this. My daughter celebrated her third birthday back in October, but with all the upheaval of moving house, this is the first chance I've had to share some awesome tutorials for Dragon Party ideas!
For some reason, and in most cases it's best not to try and fathom out the workings of a three year old's mind, my daughter became obsessed with Dragons last Summer. She insisted she wanted a dragon cake for her third birthday...I'm up for a challenge so I decided to create a Dragon themed party.
dragon themed children's party cake
It wasn't until I had promised my daughter this particular theme that I found out dragons are not very popular with most party supplies shops. If you have a daughter and you want princesses, fairies, butterflies and Disney characters, then you can buy everything off the shelf. Dragons it seems aren't so popular. So I decided I would make some things by hand and started to trawl the internet for ideas, tutorials and templates.
We were about a month away from moving house, so my brain was in a whirl with all the arrangements for organising removal vans and talking to solicitors. If we hadn't been in the midst of doing all that boring conveyancing stuff, I would've made even more things for the party. There's such a wealth of ideas out there, but time was against me, so here are the projects I managed to complete for the party.
dragon themed children's party cake
First up, the cake! There are literally 100s of images for dragon cakes on the web. I'm no professional cake maker so I decided to go with this one on the Instructables website. It's made from two sponge cakes and has very clear instructions on how to cut the cakes in order to make the head, legs, tail etc. Mine doesn't look exactly like the Instructables version, but I've only made about 3 or 4 cakes in my entire life, so I think I made a pretty good attempt at it. My daughter was delighted with it, so that's all that matters!
dragon themed children's party decorations
Next up was a game of 'find the dragon'. I made six paper dragons using this template and hid them around the house. Each child had to find one to win a prize. They were really simple to make and you could add more detail or use metallic paper if you wanted a different look. There are lots of other ideas on the website, so if you've got more time than I had, you could really go to town with decorating the house with handmade dragons.
dragon themed children's party decorations
Lastly, I made, with help from my Mum, a hooded dragon towel using this adorable tutorial. I wanted it to double up as a costume for the party and as a practical gift to use at bathtime. My daughter still absolutely loves the towel and it's great for getting them all wrapped up after a bath.
dragon themed children's party handmade towel
dragon themed children's party handmade hooded towel
dragon themed children's party handmade hooded towel
If you don't fancy making a dragon, there are tutorials for lots of other creatures such as owls, monkeys, teddy bears and there's even a Rudolph.
So there you have it, some ideas for making a Dragon themed party.

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