Monday 10 September 2012

Hamilton House

We're currently in the process of relocating away from Bristol. There's certain things I will miss about living in such a vibrant location, one of them being the amazing community projects that crop up across the city.

One of the most ambitious is Hamilton House. Once upon a time it was an office block, now it is home to a vibrant community hub where artists, healers and musicians rub shoulders. We went to an open day a few months ago and it was hard to take in everything in just a short visit! There are courses and workshops, artists studios for hire, a whole floor dedicated to healing, a community kitchen, live music in the Canteen bar, and a regular Hamilton House Art name just a few things!

As it states on their website:

"Hamilton home to Coexist, where art, music, enterprise and innovation cluster as a community rising to the challenges of today and tomorrow. Hamilton House is a vibrant community hub on Stokes Croft in which people can coexist in harmony with themselves, with each other and the environment."

So if you're in the local area, then it's well worth a look. In fact it's a stones throw from Gloucester Road, which is one of the most amazing shopping streets you'll find in the whole city. I'm planning on making a return visit sometime soon. I may even take part in their volunteer program!

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