Wednesday 8 June 2011

Vintage or not?

I bought this large piece of fabric recently, I bought it because I loved it, the design, the colours, everything about it appealed to me. It almost has a screen printed quality to it and the pattern is made up of the most amazing acid green, teal blue, chocolate brown and taupe detailing.

When I got it home and took a closer look, I started to think that maybe this lovely fabric might actually be vintage. Usually I can spot vintage fabric a mile off, but I'm not so sure with this piece. My first inkling that it might be vintage was the narrow(ish) width. It is 46 inches (117cm) wide which is narrower than most modern fabric bought off the roll, although not as narrow as some very old vintage fabric.

The main thing that made me think it might not be modern fabric is the texture. I bought some 'orange circles' vintage fabric a few years ago an it has exactly the same feel - the photos below show the fabric I purchased still on the bolt and with it's original labels. The brand name is Cepea and it says it is in "duplex print". I am wondering if the fabric I am currently trying to identify, which has an almost barkcloth feel to it, is made from the same type of stuff...

It is in such pristine condition that I really can't tell for sure. I don't mind if it isn't vintage, I really like it anyway. But if I use it to make something to list in my online stores, I don't want to say it is vintage, if it's not! Plus, I am just curious and I would love to know if anyone thinks this fabric is modern or vintage, perhaps you recognise it and could let me know the brand name or its possible age!!


KitschKrafts said...

Not sure if this is vintage or not. The colors, pattern and quality make me think it's probably new. However, I am not an expert...just a collector myself. Either way, it's just about the coolest find ever, right?


Woo Gilchrist said...


As far as I can tell although it looks amazingly new I am pretty sure it is vintage. What a find!


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