Tuesday 3 May 2011

Vintage love: Teabreak biscuit tin

I love vintage tins, but unfortunately I don't own many of them. I'm usually caught up in tracking down vintage fabric and tend to ignore things like tins. I do however own a few that have been passed onto me by my Grandmother. She has had them in her cupboards for so long, they have become vintage and collectable by accident...she just wants to get rid of them and I'm more than happy to give them a new home!

This particular tin dates from the 1950s, so it's pretty old. I like it because it says 'Teabreak' on it and quite frankly, tea breaks are my favourite part of the day.

It's actually pretty big as far as vintage tins go, it measures over 20cms tall. I really love it because it's so sturdy and chunky and can hold a myriad of crafty bits and bobs. Because it's been stored away for so long, it's actually in very good condition. A quick Google search tells me these tins are brass lined - which goes to show how well made it is - I doubt if they put brass in many biscuit tins these days!

In other news - the winner of April's giveaway...
Many thanks to everyone who took part in my blog giveaway last month. With all the excitement of Easter and the Royal Wedding, I haven't had a chance to announce the winner.

Comment number 52 was picked out by the random number generator - so congratulations to Amber L who writes the appetizerforacraftymind blog. A selection of vintage trims will be winging their way to you shortly...

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