Wednesday 2 February 2011

Vintage love: baby shoes

When you become a parent, you get very caught up in 'firsts', first smile, first laugh, first tooth - and one of the biggest 'firsts' is first steps!

Our little girl has been toddling about for a while now, so we decided to buy her first pair of shoes - a momentous event...the reason why I know it's an important event for any parent, is because my own Mum kept our first pair of shoes. She keeps them in a box with all our new baby cards dating from the 1970s, plus a bag full of hair from our first haircut! Like I say, all these 'firsts' are very special.

So here they are, my old pair of Startrite shoes from the late 1970s and my little girls gorgeous new pair side by side. Check out the wear on the toes of my shoes - what was I up to?! Mischief I imagine...

I love her little red shoes and she does too - they are definitely going to be kept for posterity, just like my Mum kept my shoes!


Fibrespace said...

They are so cute, love the red ones, my daughters first pair of shoes are hideous but she has very narrow feet and having tried all the sweet ones on they were in fact the only shoes in the shop to fit. I have kept them, but they are hidden away in a box.

Quail said...

How cute!


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