Sunday 15 February 2009

new obsession: lavender hearts

lots of lavender hearts

I love making lavender hearts!
It's such a great way to use up all the offcuts from the fabric used to make the bags, belts and peg bags.
Also, the process of making them is so enjoyable. I love to sit with a big bag of lavender on my lap, inhaling the relaxing aroma and sewing up lots of little hearts.
I'm in the process of listing the hearts in Pouch's etsy shop
Keep an eye on Pouch's shop over the coming weeks for more lovely fabric combinations.

lots of lavender hearts

vintage fabric hearts in golden yellow


Chrisy said...

well if ur going to have an obsession this is a clean livin one!...very pretty and u can never have too many lavender sachets!

Anonymous said...

How lovely! I love the photos you took too.

Andrea said...

those are so cute, and I'm sure they smell marvelous!

My Inspired Reality said...

Lavendar, my favorite and in a heart? What could be better:)

Regina Moore said...

Cute little hearts!


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