Saturday 1 March 2008

Pouch listed in the Bristol & Bath Green Pages

Bristol and Bath Green Pages
We are really excited about being included in the 2008 edition of the Bristol & Bath Green Pages.
It is a directory of ethical businesses operating in the Bristol & Bath area. Categories range from gardening, shopping and health, through to ethical money advice and green home improvement.
Pouch is listed in the shopping section under 'Design and Craft Products'.
The ethos behind the B&B Green Pages is this:
"We believe that the way we buy our goods and services can have a real impact on the world today and in the future. However, these choices are not always easy or obvious, so by bringing all these different aspects of green living together in one directory, Green Pages aims to make it a bit easier! Green Pages is part of a diverse and growing community of businesses, all of whom have strong ethical values at their core.
We believe that we have a responsibility to operate our business as ethically and sustainably as possible, for everybody’s future. We therefore aim to act ethically, avoid damaging the environment and people, and believe our business offers an ethically preferential choice. We aim to be sustainable, to offer quality products and services and to always look at how we can improve our practice.”

Find out more and where you can buy the directory by visiting their website:
Bristol & Bath Green Pages

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Unknown said...

Hey there. I love your bags and noticed you're selling your stuff on Etsy.

I thought you might be interested in the Bristol website thats a bit like Etsy. For artists and craftsmen to sell their work...

Check it out:


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