Wednesday 28 November 2007

Wiggly Wigglers call for contributors

Last year my Mum and I bought 2 Bokashi compost bins from Wiggly Wigglers. I can highly recommend them to anyone, they are easy to use, compact, smell-free and best of all my garden loves the liquid fertilizer and fermented composted waste.
I will blog about it in more detail tomorrow and add some photos :)

When I bought a Bokashi bin, I also signed up for Wiggly updates via email. I received an update on 27th November asking for Wiggly fans to contribute to the next catalogue, or 'Mega Wiggly Catalogue' as Heather (Wiggly Owner) likes to call it.

Basically Wiggly Wigglers are asking for people to write a review, send a photo of yourself or your family using a Wiggly Wigglers product or send in some info about yourself.

You can find out more by visiting the Wiggly Wigglers blog:
Wiggly Wigglers Blog

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