Thursday 2 July 2015

Calendula in July

I am a new convert to the joy of Calendulas. I only started growing them last Summer & fell in love straight away. They are one of the hardest working plants in the garden. As long as you deadhead them, they flower all Summer long from about June onwards. They have the sunniest flowers you're likely to find, the ones in my garden range from egg-yolk yellow through to sunset orange.
growing calendula plants from seed
On top of all that, they have amazing medicinal properties. Calendula oil is used as an anti-inflammatory and a remedy for healing wounds. It can be used for burns, cuts and infections due to it's natural anti-septic and anti-fungal properties. It's well worth keeping a tube of Calendula Cream in your medicine cabinet.
calendula plants growing in July sunny yello
calendula plants growing in July zesty orange
The Calendulas growing in my garden are from seeds I saved from last year. They've been drying in a cup all through the Winter and I planted them in March. I'm really pleased with how vibrant they are this year. The only thing I've noticed is the seed heads from this year's plants have hardly got any seeds on them. I'm not sure if second generation Calendulas lose the ability to produce an abundance of seeds.
calendula flower plants growing in July yellow bloom
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Cheryl said...

They seem to be doing well this year. I spotted some beside a commercial lavender field last week. A plant or weed, it looked lovely with the purpleness of the lavender. #hdygg

Unknown said...

I've never grown Calendulas in the garden, but after reading your comments I think I should. Some of my body products have it in, it's very soothing. Gorgeous colours!

Mammasaurus said...

Lovely - I always see these as 'softer marigolds'!

Adding these to the list of 'must plants' next year - a list that is getting rather long thanks to all the inspiration I keep finding on blogs :)

Thanks for joining in again lovely x

A Green and Rosie Life said...

I usually have calendulas that self seed around the veg patch but I have not seen any this year. I'll have to remember to get some seeds next year.

Stephanie 139a said...

They look great - and love the variety of colours too :) #hdygg

Me, You and Magoo said...

They are lovely plants, mine are in full bloom easy to grow. I have started to collect seed heads already, so if anyone needs any, give me a shout!

chickenruby said...

gorgeous plants, I'm off to the garden centre this week, i'll keep an eye out for them


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