Wednesday 25 June 2008

Tell Primark not to cut and run


I watched the BBC Panorama investigation into Primark (a UK clothes retailer) on Monday night. It didn't make easy viewing and obviously the conditions and wages were terrible for some of the sub-contractors making clothes for Primark.

Panorama targeted Primark because they have joined the Ethical Trading Initiative and they have posters on the walls in their shops saying they are part of this initiative. Panorama wanted to highlight the fact that it is misleading for shoppers to think Primark are trading ethically.

But in their haste to distance themselves from controversy, Primark have decided to cancel all contracts with the companies exposed in last nights Panorama.

This only leads to more poverty as 100s of jobs could be lost.

Please support the campaign started by Labour behind the Label which asks Primark not to cut and run:

Labour Behind the Label and War on Want do not advocate boycotts of shops such as Primark, they ask that consumers put pressure on these companies to pay a living wage to their workers.

To find out more, please visit their websites:
Labour Behind the Label
War on Want

To watch a trailer for the BBC Panorama investigation, please visit this link:
Primark On The Rack


Daisy Green said...


Firstly, LOVE your bags!! Will be having a good look.
Thanks for reading my blog and yes, of course you are right, if the big stores like Primark cut and run then it makes the situation so much worse. Finding a positive solution to the problems and working with the companies and communities out there is far better.

Daisy x

Craft Matters said...

Great blog post - really well said.

I am excitedly awaiting a parcel from you & am also blogging about your etsy store (which is so inspirational) if you want to come & have a look.

Me, You and Magoo said...

Glad you like the bags daisy green, I will be checking your blog out on a regular basis now :)

Craft Matters, your parcel is on it's way to you, hope you like it! I will take a look at your blog now.

I hope Primark can work with their suppliers to resolve this issue, it really is no good just making a knee-jerk decision like that.
I think consumer pressure can be very powerful, M&S and Sainsburys have been pulling out all the stops to try and sell 'green' and ethical items because they know there is a market for it and their customers request it.


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