Friday 17 July 2015

July on the allotment, enjoying tasty spuds and beautiful broad beans

It's July and our allotment is in full swing. After all the digging and rotivating, we're now enjoying the fruits of our labour. The past few weeks have consisted of blazing sunshine and heavy downpours - perfect growing conditions for vegetables and flowers. Sadly also perfect growing conditions for weeds. At the moment the veg are winning the battle over the weeds, but it's a close-run thing. July on the allotment tasty spuds dug from the ground
One of the things I look forward to most is getting the first crop of potatoes out of the ground. Some time ago Magoo appointed herself as chief-potato waterer. She has done a sterling job and takes full ownership of the crop. She wants to see each and every potato come out of the ground. I can't really blame her, there's something magical about putting one seed potato in a trench and then digging out a cluster of tasty new potatoes a few weeks later.
July on the allotment tasty spuds dug from the ground
July on the allotment tiny new potaoes dug from the ground
Magoo loves fishing out each potato from the soil, even the teeny tiny ones. Getting your hands in the earth is what it's all about.
Once we're home she loves to wash and prepare the vegetables we've bought home. Magoo set to work with scrubbing the potaoes ready for our evening meal. She is lucky to have the experience of seeing her food travel from ground to plate in a matter of hours.
washing new potatoes dug up from allotment
washing new potatoe crop dug up from allotment
We also picked the last of the broad beans. It's the first year we've grown them and they have been really tasty. The only problem we had was the plants became covered in black fly. My Mum used an organic spray on them which helped alot. But I've read that you can squish them off with your fingers or blast the black fly off with water. We will definitely grow them next year, but will get on top of the black fly earlier.
We need to leave the broad bean plants in the ground for a while because they perform the clever trick of fixing nitrogen into the soil. Anything that boosts soil quality without chemicals gets a thumbs up from me.
washing broad bean crop dug up from allotment
Again Magoo likes to prepare the beans. We love to pop the pods open together and pick the beans out of their fluffy jackets. One of the things I love about broad beans is the downy beds Mother Nature gives them to grow in. I think that's why broad beans are such a great crop to grow with children. The whole preparation process is so tactile.
broad bean fluffy jacket pods
broad bean crop from allotment ready to eat
As one crop comes to an end we can start to put in a new one. We've taken out all the garlic and planted purple sprouting in it's place. Crops on the horizon are peas, runner beans, squash and courgettes - they are getting bigger day by day. We're also growing some pumpkins for Halloween. Well, you have to plan ahead when you've got an allotment...

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mumturnedmom said...

How fabulous! It really is wonderful to grow and pick your own, and then have the pleasure of preparing and eating too :) #countrykids

Keitha said...

Looks like you have a lovely garden and a wonderful garden helper.

Coombe Mill - Fiona said...

Now I am seriously jealous of your allotment with the fruits of your labour showing through. There is nothing better thank little new potatoes just out of the ground, they have such a wonderful flavour. Your little waterer looks like she has done a wonderful job, happy harvesting over the summer weeks. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

chickenruby said...

it's great to see yur daughter not only taking part with the allotment, but taking ownership also, it looks like such a fab family activity to do togethero

Katie @mummydaddyme said...

I think there must be something so amazing about eating food that you have lovingly grown and nurtured. And such a great way of helping Magoo learn about nature and where food we eat comes from. Those potatoes look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

We gave up our allotment earlier this year as we just couldn't dedicate the time to it and I'm so gutted as we always had an amazing haul of food from it. Your food looks amazing and I am very jealous x

Anonymous said...

Awww so nice to eat your own harvest! We have some tomatoes and strawberries in potted plants and I cant wait till we cant eat them too! #countrykids

Unknown said...

You've done so well with your growing veg. It's lovely seeing your daughter get so involved in it, all the way through from planting, to eating.
Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

Me, You and Magoo said...

it is lovely to eat homegrown food...but I completely understand what is saying. My heart sinks when I see how many weeds have grown each time we go down there! It is quite disheartening at times. But as long as the veg is winning over the weeds, then we'll keep going with the allotment :)

Unknown said...

Your potatoes look wonderful - my 3 year old is also a big fan of digging them up, she loves the fact that it's a grubby job :)

Amanda said...

How lovely that your daughter gets so involved!

Happy Homebird said...

Love the feeling of digging up potatoes. Like finding treasure. We had blackfly too, such a pain!

Mammasaurus said...

It's so nice to grow your own - it's a feeling that is hard to beat. Even better when the whole family gets involved! I am craving potatoes with salty butter on now - and it's gone 11pm!
Apologies for bot visiting sooner, it's been a mad week here - thank you for joining in and sharing x

Megan - Truly Madly Kids said...

I love these shots. The one of the broad bean is particularly brilliant. Thank you for linking them to #iotw

Unknown said...

We have an allotment too, and are also loving the new potatoes and broadbeans... We cant wait for the sweetcorn :) Lovely pictures xx


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