Thursday 23 May 2013

Fun with felt!

When I saw via Facebook that Laura from Lupin Handmade was having a half price sale, I rushed over to see what was on offer! I snapped up one of her bird masks and a lovely green crown for my daughter. I wanted to add them to her dressing up box. I hid them away intending to give them to her for Easter. Thing is, I hid them too well and forgot about them!

I recently found them and we had lots of fun trying them on and taking some photos. She loves to be the Princess whilst I'm the magic bird who chases her around the house. Then we swap and I'm the Princess (a role I was born to play) and she's the bird!

The photo below was taken by my daughter, it's not bad considering she's only 3...

Laura's handmade felt masks are great for firing up children's imaginations and I believe they are equally popular with adults around Halloween! Everyone could do with a felt crown in their life, young and old(er)...I wonder if I could get away with wearing it to the shops?

Tuesday 14 May 2013

UK Handmade Summer Issue

The Summer Issue of the UK Handmade Magazine is out now!

"After a long wintery spell we all need a bit of sunshine to brighten our days. The summer issue of UK Handmade magazine is now out and packed full of gorgeous summer finds, inspirational makers, useful business tips and more. A big thanks to Jane Ormes who kindly let us grace our cover with her vibrant "Bring Me Sunshine" print..."

I'm also really excited to see the Summer Issue because it features two articles written by me.

I worked on a feature detailing the work of the UK Scrapstore network, in particular focussing on the work the Bristol Children's Scrapstore carries out in the local community and their 'Super Saturday Sample Sessions'. My niece provided all the photos that accompany the piece. You can read her photography blog 'King of the Sheep' here. We had a great time at the Children's Scrapstore, my daughter features in the photoshoot. It really is a fantastic place and all the scrapstores across the UK do a wonderful job of reusing waste in a creative and productive way.

I also penned a feature on Vintage Vacations. Based on the Isle of Wight, this holiday company offers a unique way of getting off the daily treadmill and taking a step back in time. Take a look at their website to see more wonderful images of their vintage Airstream caravans and unique holiday venues.

Plus the Summer Issue is jam packed with interviews with designer-makers, makes, recipes and details of upcoming crafty events across the UK. Enjoy!

Friday 3 May 2013

Making recycled paper pots

My daughter and I spent a happy half hour making some paper pots for our seedlings. Now she is three years old she is able to help me with planting out seeds. It's been lovely to watch her planting out beetroot, beans and basil seeds and then seeing them pop up from the soil. It's all very magical to her. Although she keeps asking when we can start eating them...

I first blogged about my paper potter back in 2011. It is a fantastic little tool, really handy for making inexpensive pots to put small plants in. By using newspaper you can plant them out, the paper will biodegrade and the roots wont be disturbed.

My paper potter came from the Nether Wallop Trading Company and was a Christmas gift from my brother and his family. I can't recommend them highly enough.

It also helps if you have some offspring you can recruit to help you make them...their little fingers are very good and winding the paper round!

I'm linking up with Trash 2 Treasure over on the blog.

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