Thursday 30 April 2009

handmade wedding: bolero jacket


Big news (for me anyway!), I got married last Friday :)

I knew when I started planning the wedding that I wanted to incorporate as many handmade and crafty elements as possible. I kept my eyes peeled for inspiration on etsy, crafting blogs and bridal magazines.
I will blog about the handmade aspects of my wedding over the coming days.

I wanted to start with my favourite handmade item at the wedding, my bolero jacket.


The bolero was a wedding present from my Mum and Grandmother. My Grandmother is of the generation who made many of their own clothes. Post-war Britain was a very frugal place and my Gran has never lost that attitude. In her day she was a good seamstress, making coats, dresses, shirts and blouses. Now she is 89, she is no longer able to sew like she used to. But she purchased this beautiful organza fabric from John Lewis to make the bolero with.


After much searching, I chose a retro 1930s style pattern from SelmaLee on etsy. Her online store is packed with sewing patterns, many of them vintage, it's well worth a look.


My Mum kindly offered to do the sewing, and I think she did an amazing job. My bolero drew many compliments at the wedding and matched the dress perfectly.


I know that alot of thought and care went into making my wedding bolero and it is all the more special because of that fact. I will never part with it!


Monday 20 April 2009

work space = a tray!

tray 2

I love hand sewing, I find it so therapeutic.
Plus I get to sit on the sofa with my favourite tray on my lap!
I thought I'd take a few photos to share some work in progress shots.

On the tray I have a vintage cigarette tin full to the brim with embroidery threads. The tin belonged to my late grandfather and was given to me by my Mum, who in turn was given the tin by her Mother. Some of the threads date from the 1940s!

tray 6

I also have a selection of plastic containers to organise my WIP pieces into some kind of order. They are the kind of containers you get fruit and vegetables in and I hate to throw them in the bin, so they are recycled on the work tray!

tray 4

I have three pairs of Fiskars scissors, these are my small pair for cutting out felt. They are the perfect size for cutting out the faces of lavender owls and lavender rabbits.

tray 5

I never thought I'd see the day when a padded lap-tray would make me happy, I must be getting old!

tray above

Thursday 9 April 2009

New Listing: Sleepy owl in mellow yellow


Here is the latest owl to go into Pouch's etsy store
He's made in my all time favourite fabric, I think I will cry when I run out of it!
Each owl is made from recycled, vintage fabric and filled with chemical-free, French Lavender and non-allergenic stuffing
You can either place them on your pillow to help you float off to sleep.
Or put in your wardrobe (they don't mind the dark!) to make your clothes smell nice.


More details, here: Sleepy owl in mellow yellow

Monday 6 April 2009

New Listing: Cobalt blue vintage fabric dilly tote


An eco-friendly tote made with vintage fabric featuring a stunning retro pattern in cobalt and light blue
Fully lined with recycled, indigo blue denim fabric


Perfect for lots of uses such as shopping, carrying books or you latest knitting project
Would also make a great baby-changing bag, this large tote is perfect for carrying baby paraphernalia
Features 2 large pockets
Comfortable wide strap, it wont cut into your shoulder


This tote has no visible seams, so it is reversible – making this two bags in one
Nice and roomy
eco-friendly, 100% recycled and one-of-a-kind

To view this dilly tote, please visit our online store

Friday 3 April 2009

UK Handmade Spring Issue


The Spring Issue of the UK Handmade magazine is out now!
You can view it online by visiting

It's packed full of interesting stuff.

There's a tutorial for making an bunny egg cosy, a recipe for delicious Easter biscuits, interviews with designer-makers, crafty business advice, the UK Handmade team reminisce about their early crafting memories and much, much more...


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