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I've created this page so I can gather all my allotment posts into one place. We love spending time on our plot. You wont find beautiful rows of perfectly manicured plants on Plot 42. There are plenty of weeds and we seem to have a constant battle with keeping grass from invading our veg beds. But we do love it down there. Despite the weeds, we manage to produce plenty of fruit and vegetables. Fresh veg is what it's all about, the distance from fork to plate is a matter of a few hundred yards. Please head over to "Five ways an allotment makes family life better", if you would like to find out more about the positive effects Plot 42 has had on our lives.

I blogged about our plot as and when I could in 2015. I'm hoping to put together a blog post for every month of the year in 2016.

2016 Allotment Posts

January is a time to plan for the year ahead

In February Storm Imogen turned our allotment shed into firewood

In March we planted garlic, did lots of digging and built a new shed

April is the time when the growing season begins in earnest on the allotment. Plus we painted our shed!

The weather started to warm up in May and we ate our first crops grown on the allotment.

I never cease to be amazed at the growth spurt our plants put on in June. Plus we ate our first homegrown strawberries of 2016

July featured some of the hottest days of the year so far. The warm weather means our crops start to reach peak production

August was an eventful month on the plot, lots of crops ripening and a bit of drama with a wasps nest

September was all about harvesting crops from the plot and our beautiful sunflowers

In October we continued to harvest our crops, we were over the moon with our butternut squash haul

The plot began to look very sparse in November. There was still lots of clearing to do and it was time to say goodbye to our beautiful sunflowers.

2015 Allotment Posts

February 2015 involved lots of digging, mud and admiring a neighbouring plot's new chickens

July on the allotment, enjoying tasty spuds and beautiful broad beans

August on the allotment: tayberries and strawberries

September on the allotment: super sunflowers and losing the battle against the weeds

October on the allotment: parsnips, beetroot and more weeding

November on the allotment: sunshine, sunflowers and our memory bench

December on the Allotment: wonky parsnips

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no_akira said...

That is one fantastic dinner plate sunflowers !

Save some of those seeds for next year, see if you can get an even bigger face.



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