Sunday 23 January 2011

Vintage Supplies: a new shop section

Another first for 2011, a new section in my Etsy store - Vintage Supplies.

I have been busily listing a gorgeous selection of vintage trims in my Etsy store, perfect for adding a unique twist to your next crafting project. Due to the fact these trims are vintage, they are limited edition. Once they are gone, I cannot source more - so if you see something you like - grab it quickly!

This is going to be a very image-heavy blog post! I think the trims speak for themselves, so I wont add too much description, except to say this is a selection of the warm colour trims in shades of citrus orange, crimson red and honey yellow. Next time I will blog about the blue and green trims.

You can see the full selection here


Stephanie said...

The whole section looks beautiful!!

She Can't Decide said...

these trims are to die for! So full of great design and color!


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