Wednesday 5 January 2011

2011 - the Chinese Year of the Rabbit

Goodbye 2010 and hello 2011 - the new year seems to have come round quicker than ever! Time seems to speed up when you become a parent, I can't believe how quickly the months pass these days...

2011 is the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, which is good news as I love bunnies! The year of the Rabbit is "traditionally associated with home and family, artistic pursuits, diplomacy, and keeping the peace."

So in that vein, I am following "artistic pursuits" by working on some batches of Lavender Rabbits, some are in fabrics previously seen in my etsy store and some are in brand new colours. I am also working on some new ideas for bags, can't say too much yet as I need to try out some prototypes first. I am also planning to launch a new vintage supplies section in my etsy store - I just need to find a parallel dimension where time is no object and I should hopefully bring all these ideas to life in 2011.

And in the spirit of "home and family" I want to try and help a local charity called Children's Hospice South West. I have wanted to create a charity listing for some time now and I am determined to make 2011 the year I bring this idea into fruition. Some months ago a good friend gave me this fantastic green vintage fabric.

So in the spirit of 'paying it forward', I am going to use the fabric donated to me gratis to make some Lavender Rabbits. A percentage of the sale price for each rabbit will be donated to Children's Hospice South West. The reason I have chosen this charity is because it provides invaluable support for families experiencing one of the most traumatic experiences any parent could face. Another deciding factor was I attended a funeral of a lady on New Year's eve who was a tireless fundraiser for this charity. I would like, in some small part, to try and continue the work she can no longer carry out.

So Happy New Year to all my blog readers and I hope 2011 brings you health and happiness!

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