Sunday 6 September 2015

A new project: rabbit applique hoops handmade with vintage fabric

I've been making my lavender-filled, vintage fabric rabbits for nearly six years now. Alongside my handmade sleepy owls, they have proved to be one of my biggest selling items. I have had many customers buy more than one because 'they can't decide on the colour' and many have come back to buy more for friends and family as gifts.

I use a particular type of thick vintage fabric and I have amassed a selection of colours over the past few years. I find this particular fabric features colours that really pop and they rarely fade. People seem to love these vibrant colourways, I'm a big fan of them too, in fact I have about six or seven lavender rabbits dotted around our home.

I decided a little while ago that I would attempt to make an applique version of the rabbit motif. I knew I would need to adapt the shape slightly because the template I currently use is wider due to seam allowances. After a bit of sketching I created a new template. Once the main body of the rabbit was cut out I attached the rest of the felt detailing and eyes. With the help of a bit of Bondaweb I attached the rabbit to some calico and started the applique process. I have used a combination of back stitch and blanket stitch. I adore blanket stitch and it has always been an important part of the lavender-filled design.

I have to say I am really pleased with the results. I put a photo of the finished item on my Pouch Vintage Facebook page and was pleasantly surprised by the positive response. I think I may try and sew a few ready to go into my online shop in time for Christmas. I'm currently putting together another rabbit-hoop in a different colourway. I will post photos once I have finished it...

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