Wednesday 10 December 2014

Christmas Jumper Day

I've just spent the last half hour sewing a felt Christmas tree onto an old jumper of my daughter's

They are having 'Christmas Jumper Day' at her school this Friday to help raise money for Save the Children

I was reluctant to go out and buy a new Christmas jumper because they only get worn for a few days of the year

Parents were invited to decorate an old jumper if they didn't want to go out & buy one

I have a house full of fabric, felt and goodness knows what else, so thought would be better to get my needle and thread out

It's not my finest piece of sewing, I had to rush making it, because trying to fit it in amongst the 101 other things I have to do at this time of year!

But, I think it's fun and festive and I'm sure my daughter will love it when she gets home from school later...

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