Monday 24 March 2008

Bokashi composter review in Wiggly Wigglers 2008 catalogue

Bokashi composter review
Bokashi composter review in Wiggly Wigglers 2008 catalogue

Wiggly Wigglers new catalogue was launched on 14th March 2008.
It was built using contributions from customers and friends from around the world using social media. The new catalogue is presented in a scrap book style, packed full of clippings, quotes, family snaps as well as professional photography and product descriptions. It is a radical format for a mail order company and it looks more like a book than a conventional catalogue.

You can find my Bokashi composter review on page 19 of the catalogue.

To read my original review online, please click the link below

Bokashi review blog post, November 2007

To order your own Wiggly Wigglers catalogue, please visit their website:

Wiggly Wigglers


Shannon said...

check that out... I love it!!!!

killer blog!!!!

Pamela said...

I wish I could get a bigger view of the snapshot of the Bokashi article. I am very satisfied user of Bokashi Bucket, and I feel people need more awareness on the use of Bokashi.


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