Thursday 8 November 2007

Vintage antique gold velvet clutch

Vintage antique gold velvet clutch
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Just listed this adorable clutch purse on Etsy, one of my favourite shapes and fabrics

A cute, eco-friendly, clutch purse made from reclaimed antique gold velvet
Features a vintage bottle green bakelite buckle
Fully lined with chocolate brown silky fabric
The purse is interlined with padding; giving the purse a great shape
It has a velcro closure on reverse of buckle
Pretty and stylish, great for year-round use
This purse is an OOAK due to the fact we have no more of this type of vintage fabric left. Treat yourself to skillfully sewn, handmade bag

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♥♥Handmade with Amour♥♥ said...

I just started my blog and would like to add you to my links if you dont mind.
You have great stuff.

kk said...

you make wonderful things!
you are tagged. love your blog, so I will add your link to mine. see my blog about tagging info (you tell us 7 strange/fun/random things about yourself then tag 7 other bloggers.

Ira said...

Beautiful work. Very impressive.


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