Friday 23 November 2007

UK Street Team Promotional Christmas Packs

The UK Street Team have been working hard to produce and put together a Christmas themed promotional gift pack.

Etsy sellers based in the UK have donated handmade items and promotional items such as Moo cards and stickers to go into packs which are now on sale in the UK Team shop. Ease your Christmas shopping by purchasing a fantastic selection of merchandise created by Etsy sellers.

Handmade items in the packs range from porcelain pendants to felt Christmas decorations. Full details of the items and Etsy seller's who took part can be found by following the link below
UK Team store on Etsy

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angharad handmade said...

This looks fantastic! Thanks for all your hard work too. Is your image montage on flickr? I'd love to post it in my blog to promote the gift bags.

Unknown said...

Brilliant and helpful blog, thanks

Unknown said...

This is a great promotional products because I needed to promoted my business in uk and this is A simple product as a gift .Thank you for that


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