Thursday 25 June 2015

Vintage Love: Sanderson Cobweb curtain fabric

I'm currently selling two large curtains made with vintage Sanderson Cobweb fabric. Hurry over to my online auction as there are only a few hours left...
vintage Sanderson Cobweb fabric
vintage Sanderson Cobweb fabric
This stunning vintage 1960s cotton fabric by Sanderson is entitled "Cobweb" and features an intricate design of nymphs and flowers.
A truly beautiful fabric design featuring shades of pale terracotta, golden yellow, peach, taupe and with a brown outline on a cream background.
Each curtain is very large so there is plenty of fabric to repurpose if you didn't want to use them as curtains.
This vintage fabric could be used for many crafty projects. Such as an upholstery job, covering a dining chair or handmade cushion covers. Alternatively it could used in its original state as a fabric wall hanging or framed as a picture.I have also seen images of this Cobweb fabric used to make a drum-lampshade. It looks amazing with the light shining through it.
vintage Sanderson Cobweb fabric
vintage Sanderson Cobweb fabric

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