Thursday 23 May 2013

Fun with felt!

When I saw via Facebook that Laura from Lupin Handmade was having a half price sale, I rushed over to see what was on offer! I snapped up one of her bird masks and a lovely green crown for my daughter. I wanted to add them to her dressing up box. I hid them away intending to give them to her for Easter. Thing is, I hid them too well and forgot about them!

I recently found them and we had lots of fun trying them on and taking some photos. She loves to be the Princess whilst I'm the magic bird who chases her around the house. Then we swap and I'm the Princess (a role I was born to play) and she's the bird!

The photo below was taken by my daughter, it's not bad considering she's only 3...

Laura's handmade felt masks are great for firing up children's imaginations and I believe they are equally popular with adults around Halloween! Everyone could do with a felt crown in their life, young and old(er)...I wonder if I could get away with wearing it to the shops?

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