Thursday 7 March 2013

The big fabric sort-out!

I have been an avid collector of vintage fabric for about eight years now. I wouldn't say my collection was out of control, but I have got enough fabric to keep me going for about three or four lifetimes!

For the past three years most of my vintage fabric has been in boxes in the loft. I felt really disconnected from it and since having my daughter my fabric collection has been neglected. When we moved to our new house, I vowed that I would organise it better, I really wanted access to it, so that I could create things with it. It's pointless having loads of yummy fabric if you can't get your hands on it!

My mum was updating her wardrobes and she said I could have her old one. My husband grabbed his drill and some spare pieces of wood and added two shelves to convert the wardrobe into a large cupboard. We then got all the boxes out of the loft and I started the process of sorting through it all. Some I wanted to keep, some to sell and some to pass onto my lovely crafty friends.

As each box came out of the loft, it was such a revelation each time I started sorting through the fabric. There are so many pieces I'd forgotten about. I have amassed some lovely examples of vintage Moygashel, Sanderson, Liberty and Heals fabric. I have one particular piece of vintage Sanderson 'Cobweb' fabric that is just beautiful.

I now have a lovely area in my home where I can house my fabric and look at it whenever I want to. Who knows, maybe I might actually get the time to use it all!


memmens said...

Oh how wonderful to have a sort and refind delicious fabrics - enjoy!

Me, You and Magoo said...

It was lovely seeing fabrics I hadn't seen for ages!
Just had a quick look at your blog, love your quilts :)

Little Dotty Bird said...

woweee! there are some gorgeous fabrics there! I really need to have a clear out too, I went a bit crazy collecting fabrics a few years ago when I lived in Brighton...there were just too many fab charity shops there! I dont have that problem now as I live in the middle of nowhere...must avoid looking on ebay though!

Me, You and Magoo said...

Ebay is definitely my Achilles' heel, I can't help having a quick look every now and again!

Mary Elliott said...

love!! sorting through my fabrics-it's amazing what you find and have forgotten about


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