Monday 20 June 2011

Paper Potter

My family are well trained - they know I love a nice eco gift! This Paper Potter was a Christmas present from my brother and his family. I have only just got round to blogging about it because I had to wait til Spring/Summer to use it!

I spent a relaxing evening cutting up newspapers and rolling them onto this little pot-making implement back in early Springtime. It takes a little bit of trial and error, the first few I made weren't that great. But after a while I started to build up quite a production line in the end, practise makes perfect and all that...

I think they look great grouped together, and they work really well. I grew sunflowers and nasturtiums in them back in April. They have been potted on and the newspaper will have rotted away by now.

I highly recommend these paper potters, just the fact that the company who make them have one of the best names ever is a good enough reason to buy one! they are a great way to make a small, ecofriendly change by rejecting plastic pots and using recycled paper!

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