Thursday 2 December 2010

Vintage love: Clothkits dolls dress

We were staying at my Mum's house a couple of weeks ago and I happened to spot the dressing up bag she keeps for my seven year old niece to play with. I had a quick rummage to see if there was anything that would amuse my little girl and I spotted this Clothkits dolls dress. It took me straight back to my childhood and I had to take some photos and blog about it!

I remember my Mum making Clothkits clothes for herself and for me on many occasions in the early 1980s. A parcel would arrive and Mum would unpack the fabric which was pre-printed with the pattern. Looking back, this was probably one of the reasons (apart from the lovely designs) why the company was so popular. It meant you didn't have to faff about with paper and pins and could just get on with the cutting and sewing. I always find shop bought paper patterns a bit intimidating, so Clothkits found a gap in the market for homemade clothes, and very popular they were too.

What I used to love about Clothkits was the fact that not only did I get a new dress, but so did one of my dolls! I remember I used to dress one of my favourite rag dolls in this little number. You can't really tell from these photos, but this dress is only 10 inches long. Yet, it still packs in alot of detail for such a small dress: a sweet little pocket; lining inside the yoke; and a pretty pattern on the needlecord which is different back and front.

My Mum kindly tracked down a photo of me wearing the full size version - I loved that dress! this photo was taken at Christmas time in 1980, I was four years old.

My Mum's also had some amazing Clothkits puppets at her place, I have taken some photos and will blog about them soon!


Stephanie said...

That's such a great idea to have the pattern pre-printed

Unknown said...

I absolutely love your shop.. the material is soooo happy and you are soooo creative! Wonderful site here to...
peace & sunshine ~:o)

Elli Moody said...

We're were completely clothed in Clothkits too - my three year old now wears my padded coat with stuffed animals in the pockets :)


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