Wednesday 17 February 2010

Vintage Find: Paddington fabric


I must admit that this isn't something I found myself! In fact my Mum found this gorgeous Paddington fabric in a local charity shop. She made it into curtains as a present for our baby, clever Grandma!


It dates from 1984, so it's what I would call 'new' vintage, or vintage of the future. Although 1984 is now 26 years ago, which makes me feel old. Anyway, I wanted to include it as a vintage find on my blog as I absolutely love the fabric!


Paddington was one of my favourite characters as a child and I'm so happy to see these curtains hanging in my own baby's nursery. She loves looking at Paddington and his messy decorating antics as the sun shines through the fabric.

I wanted to share some other nursery details, first off, this sweet hot air balloon from Ikea. Another present from Grandma!


I also love these stacking cups which I thrifted for £1 from a local charity shop. They are so colourful an I'm sure they will be a firm favourite for bath time fun in the future!



Our baby also loves this cute wall decal I bought in Devon a few weeks ago.


I also have my eye on some handmade goodies from Etsy, including Little Butterfly TEETHING TOY by littlesaplingtoys My Little Button Boots by hipknotz, Fiona's top by Rasmilla, Herman The Enigmatic Bear Knitting Pattern Pdf by dangercrafts and finally some Pretty Girl English Bunting by Paperfish

The nursery is shaping up to be one of the prettiest rooms in the house, I wouldn't mind sleeping in there myself!


SallyF said...

ahhhh *sniff, wipe a loving tear away* can't believe she's in a cot already, how time flies :-) Dude's room is also the nicest in our house too and by far the most peaceful, tidy, gorgeous... She's a v lucky girl, wish I could give her a cuddle in person xx

LPFish said...

Top Tip i was EVER given...?? blackout blinds in a baby's room. they sleeeeeppppp so much the better :)

Me, You and Magoo said...

awww thanks Sally, I find her room very calming, not sure how long that will last though :)

I'm considering blackout blinds!! At the moment it's dark in the morning so she sleeps really well, but I'm expecting a 5am wake-up call in the Summer as her nursery is one of the brightest rooms in the house!

Kaylovesvintage said...

looks wonderful


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