Monday 7 September 2009

Vintage find: Salter kitchen scales


I guess this isn't strictly a 'find' as these Salter Scales were kindly given to me by my Gran a few weeks ago, but I love them so much I had to include it on the blog!

They date from around 1945, when my Gran was newly married. She started married life in an austere, post-war Britain where home cooking and being thrifty was second nature to most women.


As you can see from the photos, these scales were well used by my Gran. She used to set aside one day a week to bake. This was a very common thing for post-war housewives to do as there was very little, if any, convenience food in the shops. So if you wanted a pie, a pudding or a cake, you had to make it from scratch.

Apart from the timeless design of the scales, I love the fact that my Gran was so fond of them.

It's nice to know that she cooked food for her family using these scales every week. It's a tradition I hope to continue with my own family.



LPFish said...

lovely lovely lovely x

MegPS said...

I've got some Salter scales from my nana, they're pink, but they're bathroom scales, so are merely decorative ha ha

Chop's Cakes said...

Hey I love this blog, so crafty and such beautiful photos. I have these scales too I picke them up from my ocal junk shop for a fiver look at mine on my blog check them out here:


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