Tuesday 24 February 2009

Remade Fashion Fair: some photos

Remade Fashion Fair @ Custard Factory

Pouch attended the first ever Remade Fashion Fair on the 21st of February.

The event was held at the unique industrial venue called the 'Custard Factory'. Partly government funded, the Custard Factory is designed to protect and nourish small arts and media businesses. Soon it will take its place as the largest and most exciting concentration of artistic and creative activity in Europe.

The Remade Fashion Fair bought together designer-makers and alternative labels who produce clothing and accessories in the UK using recycled materials.

Everyone who stopped for a chat at Pouch's stall was interested in the work we do and the items we create. Vintage fabric seems to evoke lots of memories for people and take them on a nostalgic trip back in time!

It's good to see that people are continuing to support recycled fashion and more importantly, UK-based designer-makers. Over the past few years, imported clothing has given people a 'throwaway' attitude towards clothes, not to mention the environmental impact of fast-fashion. Hopefully events such as Remade will help to raise the profile of ethical and sustainable fashion being made in the UK.

The following are some photos of a selection of designers who took part in the event.

Trashblooms @ Remade


Hole Button Jewellery @ Remade

Hole Button Jewellery

Helen Woodward @ Remade

Helen from Helen Woodward Jewellery


Mosaic of images of Hole Jewellery, PennyDog Jewellery, Helen Woodward Jewellery and last but not least Pouch's stand.


April H said...

oh wow that looks like it would have been a blast!!

surfy birdy said...

Awesome Pouch!
I LOVEE your stuff. <3

Parallax said...

what a cool event! I hope you had a good time.

Unknown said...

Great stuff. More please!
There's a quick one-minute video of the event here... http://ecoexplorer.co.uk/?p=261

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful there!

picciolo said...

hi, your stand looked great, it sounds like a good day. It's a shame I don't live in Birmingham any more, I would have loved to go to come
: )

Kevin said...

Really pictures are stunning and appealing too. I especially liked the helenwood Jewelery and it’s nice to see this kind of stuff. Keep it up.

handmade designer jewellery

Russel said...

Different, elegant, classy, edgy… This jewelry packs a lot in one punch! Nice post with excellent photographs!!!

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