Tuesday 27 January 2009

January = healthy eating!

fruit weight and fabric

It's January so there is loads of fruit in our house. It's been stockpiled in bowls in an attempt to be healthy and lose that Christmas weight :)
I find these bowls of fruit make very good weights when I am cutting out large pieces of fabric. It stops it sliding onto the floor and driving me mad!
The thing is, if I eat the fruit, what will I use to weigh my fabric down?
So that's why I reach for the chocolate bar, because I must keep those fruit bowls full, for practical reasons.
Do you see my logic?

fruit weight and fabric


Quail said...

I'm on a veg drive myself. I'm particularly partial to brussel sprouts and swede mash lately - eating Brit stuff when it's local and in season. I wish there were a lot more interesting squash to buy so my great gardening plan for 2009is to grow amazing, tasty Autumn squashes.

Nice fabric by the way...!!!!

Me, You and Magoo said...

now a butternut squash would make a great fabric weight...
if you get bored of the brussel sprout mash, you could try a fruit & veg box from http://www.riverford.co.uk, all their fruit is imported by boats and they never use air freight :)


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