Wednesday 24 December 2008

thrifty handmade gift tags

handmade gift tags

The airwaves have been full of economic doom and gloom recently. This has given rise to more and more people talking about thrift and making your own Christmas gifts and wrapping.
So I decided this year to save a bit of money and make my own gift tags.
I used an ink stamp I bought from a 'sale bin' in a craft shop for £1
The gold ink was free as I got in from the Etsy UK swap group. The ink was kindly donated by Sally of tinkering textiles
I cut the bright red card using my vintage pinking shears (they don't work very well on fabric, so I save them for using on paper and card)
I then punched a hole in them and threaded some white sating ribbon through
Perfect, they look Christmassy and are very thrifty!

handmade gift tags

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