Wednesday 12 November 2008

New colour sleepy owl: aqua green

Sleepy owl in aqua green

I've added another colour to the sleepy owl collection!
The new owls are made from recycled vintage fabric is shades of aqua green and royal blue.

Each owl is filled with chemical-free, French Lavender and non-allergenic stuffing
You can either place them on your pillow to help you float off to sleep.
Or put in your wardrobe (they don't mind the dark!) to make your clothes smell nice.

Did you know?
Lavender is a good moth repellent.
Lavender makes an eco-friendly alternative to conventional moth balls which are full of hazardous chemicals

They make a great eco-friendly stocking filler this Christmas!
Sleepy owl in aqua green
Sleepy owls in other shades here!


Contrariwise said...


Sounds wonderful.

Contrariwise said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Contrariwise said...

Sorry. I have no idea why my comment was posted THREE times. Blogger has been acting funny for me today.

Me, You and Magoo said...

no worries, I have done the same on another blog, I kept pressing the comment box and my message appeared a few times!
thanks for stopping by :)

Tia Colleen said...

oooh I love lavander!! Those are super cute too. A perfect combination :)


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