Tuesday 14 August 2007

Vintage Fabric Addict

I adore vintage fabric and I can always find room for one more piece in our house.
The types of fabric I love are:
Moygashel, Boras, Marimekko, Sanderson, Liberty, Laura Ashley, panton eames, William Morris, Alexander Henry
types of fabric I love geometric, psychedelic, brown and orange, kitsch, hippy, floral and fruit, orla kiely style, bold and large print and many, many more...


jewelstreet said...

Those are such pretty fabrics. I confess I love fabric too, though, I don't even sew. I can't pass looking at beautiful fabric.

Me, You and Magoo said...

I have so, so much more than that, stored away in boxes and bags!

fernfiddlehead said...

I'm a vintage fabric addict too. Love yours!!

Anonymous said...

wow, so colorful!!! reminds me of the designs on some of my grandmas blouses when i was little


dandyapple said...

From a fellow addict, I am jealous. Those are great.


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